25 2 / 2013


Iggy Azalea | Work

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23 2 / 2013


Das Me Brooke Candy

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23 2 / 2013


Everybody does  -  Brooke Candy

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23 2 / 2013


Brooke Candy - I Wanna Fuck Right Now

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08 4 / 2012


Marina & the Diamonds - Starring Role (FINAL ALBUM VERSION)

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12 11 / 2011


omg, I love this!

Florence + The Machine performing ”Shake it out” on the X Factor. 

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29 10 / 2011


Maryse was released and everyone is bitching, and moaning. Seriously people, she had a great character and a great look, she could’ve been an amazing manager, but we all know WWE wants all their divas to take part in those insane diva tag matches, or those halloween battle royals, so at one point or another she’d have to wrestle, and Maryse was never a good wrestler, not even ok.

It irritates me that people say she was “one of the good divas” and compare her to the likes of Beth Phoenix and Natalya. Come on people, I dare you to go watch some matches with her and tell me she’s a good worker, she’s not even ok, heck, she’s highly below average. I remember this one match on “Superstars”, it was Maryse teaming with the fabulous Jillian Hall against the Bella Twins, and I swear to Oprahgod, the french-canadian could not sell a clothesline to save her life. That’s like, Wrestling 101.

I’ll miss her hairflip and her attitude, but that’s it, Beth wasn’t released, Natalya wasn’t released, Tamina wasn’t released. Watch me not give a fuck.

16 10 / 2011

Kitty reduced Janet to tears…

16 10 / 2011

Kitty’s Performance

Was epic. Anyone that manages to pull off a Björk song gets my instant respect.

16 10 / 2011

Sophie Habibis’ Performance…

Beautiful performance. Good song choice and the girl continues to bring it. She’s not the best there (Misha B and Sammi are fighting for that spot atm imo), but she’s one of my personal faves.